In parasitic fashion it sucks at your soul
an ever-present mockery, and it plays a big role.
It cares not for ceremony, or importance of date
for it shows unannounced, so you’ll never feel safe.

There are times it withdraws, granting short-lived reprieve.
You forget what it’s like, and can start to believe
that perhaps you’re all better, that you’re back in control
but it soon reappears, and drags you back down that hole.

To all of your colleagues, and your family and friends
Your complaints seem excessive, sending them round the bend.
And although they might see it, they don’t recognize
what the cause of that look is, which they see in your eyes.

There are some people near you, who you probably know
Who go through their days trying hard not to show
The thing that consumes them, drains the blood from their face.
And believe me they would never want you in their place.

Chronic pain’s their companion, and it mightn’t mean much
if you’ve not personally experienced it’s terrible touch.
But hear what I tell you, because there’s so much at stake
next time they’re distracted, perhaps you’ll give them a break.


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