Mental Health Stigma and Why Telling Your Boss Is So Hard

Telling your boss that you have a mental health problem is hard. Really hard. Even though you've made major gains in taming your dragons; even though you have strategies and mechanisms in place to manage your condition and keep you productive; even though you'd have no issues telling them you need time off or consideration … Continue reading Mental Health Stigma and Why Telling Your Boss Is So Hard

Talking about mental health helps yourself and others

Depression and anxiety are a part of my life. These are just two of a huge variety of mental health problems which are just that - health problems, like asthma, glaucoma or tinnitus. Like other health problems, sometimes the mental health problems of your colleagues, family or friends require additional consideration. They don't mean your … Continue reading Talking about mental health helps yourself and others


There's a parasite feeding upon my soul. It's a shapeless spectre, a black panther stalking just beyond the reach of the campfire light. I've never seen it directly, but I feel it there, watching, waiting. It has no mind of its own. It survives by co-opting mine, turning my very thoughts against me like some … Continue reading Spectre

Anxiety in verse

The rumble of ominous thunder announces the pending approach. A lingering, menacing spectre, taking hold and squeezing your throat. You foolishly think you have time to prepare for your terrible fate But your countermeasures are no match, and anyway you've left them too late. With sudden ferocity it's on you - your intellect can't help … Continue reading Anxiety in verse

On public displays of vulnerability

I've been adrift of late. I had stayed the course on fair winds for much of my life, navigating my way successfully from one planned waypoint to the next, dealing with the occasional storm quite well and never doubting my ability to steer through the tempests of life. But then I seemed to lose my … Continue reading On public displays of vulnerability

When your mind defects (leaving you without your biggest asset)

Genetics have been generally kind to me. I have no major physical or health defects, my appearance doesn't usually repulse (despite my lifestyle choices which have led to being overweight, but I'm dealing with that), and I'm generally average at most things, which is a bigger gift than many realise. My greatest genetic inheritance however … Continue reading When your mind defects (leaving you without your biggest asset)

I’m no Superman…

What follows is perhaps the most difficult piece of communication I've ever written. It's difficult because of the hurt, guilt and shame I still feel despite my rational mind knowing these feelings are unwarranted and unhelpful. It's difficult because of the stigma attached to mental health issues; the automatic distance people put between themselves and … Continue reading I’m no Superman…