Will you please be my Valentine?

I first met you in the Armed Forces, which seems a unlikley place
To find yourself meeting a soul-mate, a girl with a heavenly face.
But in my case I was very lucky, even though you then lived interstate
I knew soon after I met you, that our lives were to be bound by fate.

Our courtship was greatly extended, spanning months of playful exchange
And each time we met for a weekend, we’d make most of the time that remained.
I felt pretty much as I do now, that I’m the luckiest man in the world
Because somehow I ended up with an incredible, beautiful girl.

Today has special significance, because Valentines’ is when we first kissed
It’s a memory that still gives me tingles, thinking back on that evening of bliss.
I remember those pulse-racing feelings, as my heart tried to escape from my chest
These are feelings which haven’t diminished, after eighteen years they’re still fresh.

Who would have dreamed we’d be here now, with three gorgeous kids and a home?
Well probably me now I think back, which I suspect you have guessed from my tone.
I want you to know that I love you, with every last peice of my soul
And Lu-Ann I will love you forever, until long after we’re both grey and old.


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