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Marriage Equality Plebiscite Rage Vomit: Step right up

I’m reblogging this, because Kate has so perfectly summarised my exact thoughts on this. Sensational post Kate.

The Fortified Sand Castle

Alright, since we’re here, and since we’re apparently having this godawful debate over extending basic human rights and treating people with human decency and dignity I’m just going to say it. It’s not original. It’s a bit weird coming from mostly-straighty-McStraightPants-who-is-actually-fucking-married over here in the corner. It’s fuelled by horror and rage.

But I’m going to say it anyway.

This is about extending human rights to people. Your default setting should be yes unless there is a very good reason to vote no.

1. There is no logical, sensible, useful reason to say no to marriage equality. Follow these dots.

2. If your reasoning is religious, then you should say yes to marriage equality, because your religion should not get to decide who other people marry. I do not follow your religion. If I wanted to marry a lass, or a nonbinary individual, I should be allowed to (were I…

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Down, not beaten

For Loz.

Her tarnished pride was fading
But she couldn’t let it go
She holds herself together
Not wanting pain to show
A fall from grace so sudden
The future seemed so bleak
She’d thought her life secure
At Centrelink no one speaks

Noone blames the husband
Of her he’d just outgrown
His job was just so stressful 
Yeah the fault was all her own

Their time was never easy
looking back she might have known
Her dreams now long forgotten
Career abandoned and disowned
How the fuck could he have done this?
If not to her then the kids?
She had no words to tell them
On the street soon they might live.

No we shouldn’t blame the husband
This never was her plan
His life was so successful
Hers wasted on this man

Shame still burned across her face
Betrayal, pain and anger
She’d find a way to feed her kids
Pleads her case now to a stanger
Your husband has to help you!
Don’t you think I fucking know?
All dirty tricks and falsehoods
Now her life’s the one on show

Noone blames the husband
Of her he’d just outgrown
His job was just so stressful
Yeah the fault was all her own

A mother can’t move on
Just leave her kids behind
She’s down now but not beaten
Through this a path she’ll find
The lady at the counter
Gives a reassuring smile
Don’t worry love, you’ll beat him
What he’s done to you is vile

No we shouldn’t blame the husband
This never was her plan
His life was so successful
Hers wasted on this man

Her life was turned around soon
Not by another man
She realised she had always been
The leader of her clan
It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure
As usual she muddled through
When your partner breaks your home apart
That’s all that you can do.

Yes we can blame the husband
He doesn’t know what she has done
To love him and support him
Because of her how far he’s come

She juggled sixteen different jobs
Two or three at the same time
For her kids she pushed on through
Did what she could to make a dime
Never let them see her struggle
Or the pain she held inside
And despite all this those children
Had the best mum you could find

She doesn’t blame her ex husband
For being such a cad
His life’s now shit but she’s on top
And her son is now a dad


She awoke with a start, unsure whether she had heard something or jerked in her sleep. It was still daytime, and she was alone. He hadn’t returned from wherever he went most days, so for now she just waited for something to happen.

She had been dreaming of a place he had taken her once, where she had been allowed to explore a beautiful garden full of wonders. She remembered the pungent mix of aromas, amazingly complex and invigorating, earth and flowers, and something else on the wind she couldn’t identify. Insects had buzzed around her in the sunlight, so wonderful and warm.

But now she was here, laying upon the cold floor in her usual place. She didn’t know when he would return. Time had little meaning for her, and the days stretched on for an eternity as she waited alone.

She wondered idly about his bed. She would have preferred its soft warmth to the hard floor, so cold against her body, but she was only allowed there when he invited her, and he seemed to know when she had lain there without him. That had not gone well before. She remembered his rage and the sting of his hand on her face. No, she would remain on the floor until he invited her to his bed.

Perhaps he might do so tonight, she thought with a surge of excitement. She had come to know his rythms and rituals. Some days when he came, if he moved slowly and didn’t turn on the lights in the big room, he would go straight to his bed after dinner and she would sit on the ground in the hallway outside his room waiting for the slightest, barely perceptible gesture of invitation. When it came, she’d join him in an instant, joyful for his touch as he caressed her back and dug his fingers into the hair on her head. 

Those moments were her bliss. She waited through the long, cold days, longing for these morsels of attention and touch. 

She hasn’t always been alone. When he’d first brought her to this place, she was still very young and there was another older one here. The other had resented her presence, so long had she been the sole object of his affection, and for the most part all attempts to engage with her had been ignored. They had settled into a luke-warm acceptance of each-other, thankful for a nearby warm body to fend off the cold during the long days, but otherwise jealous of each-other’s share of his affection.

The other had been gone a long time now. There remained some signs of her around the place, and until recently she’d slept upon the old blanket they’d shared, on which the other’s scent had been still barely perceptible. But he’d taken that away for some reason, she didn’t know what. 

She noticed the angle of light through the side windows had changed, and the sky had cleared sufficiently for the sun’s feable warmth to penetrate. With excitement she rose and padded quietly across the wooden floor to his study, knowing there was now a chance she could arrange her body just so to receive that warmth which would now be bathing a small section of floor near the window.

She was in luck. She arranged herself under the shaft of sunlight and lay contentedly, drifting off to sleep again as she awaited his return.

A car. The sound reached into her dream and plucked her from a fantasy of running through a field. She dared not breathe as she listened intently – was it him? No, the sound wasn’t right. She relaxed as the sound receded into the distance, destined for some other place. She noticed the sunlight had faded and moved away from her spot on the floor. He would be here soon. When the sun no longer reached through the windows it was nearly time.

Her stomach growled at the thought of the impending meal. It wouldn’t be much, and it would be bland, but she would greedily devour what he placed in front of her, only once he indicated she was permitted to do so of course. She was required to sit, her bare backside on the cold kitchen tiles, until he nodded. As usual she would perform her role enthusiastically, as he seemed to like it when she threw herself into the ritual, and that increased the chances he would give her some affection. Maybe some of the exquisite delicacies, sometimes even from his plate, but he told her “I prefer you lean”, whatever that meant, so these treats were few and far between.

His arrival likely imminent, she rose again and headed back to the big room to arrange herself as he liked to see her when he came in, waiting dutifully on the floor near the fireplace. If he didn’t go straight to bed after dinner, he might set a fire and she would be in prime position to receive its gift. This wasn’t as wonderful as sharing his bed, but it was more likely. 

She’d only just arranged herself when bright light speared the windows and illuminated the room. His engine died, and she heard his door slam, her heart racing with excitement and fear. Which face would he wear? The gravel crunched as he approached the doorway and she fought to control her bladder in the excitement. The lock turned and he appeared through the door. She knew in an instant. This would be a good night.

“Hi gorgeous girl” he said, and she rose and wagged her tail with all the love and joy she felt in her heart.

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