Print to Evernote from any application on Windows

A week ago the Work From Home Gods decided to hit me with a left-right-uppercut combination by taking out my 3 month-old Macbook Pro after a drink-spill incident, then my old five-year-old Macbook Pro which I was rebuilding for my daughter to school from home, and finally my wife's iPad Pro, all within the space … Continue reading Print to Evernote from any application on Windows


Unlinking a Parallels Linked Clone

Parallels is a desktop virtualisation platform for macOS similar in function to VMWare Fusion or VMWare Workstation on Windows. It allows you to create 'virtual machines' on your computer which are fully self-contained installations of whatever operating system you choose, and I mainly run Windows virtual machines so I can run software used or sold … Continue reading Unlinking a Parallels Linked Clone

Taming the document management beast

Document and records management isn’t a dark art, yet many organisations aren’t sure where to start tackling this great, white whale. Overwhelmed by product information, many business managers struggle to overcome decision-paralysis and put off the adoption of formal strategies and solutions, sticking to ‘tried and true’ file server shares, or heaven-forbid, paper records. How … Continue reading Taming the document management beast