SkeptiForum Collaboration Project

Whilst organising an up-coming event for Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics in the Pub, in collaboration with

SkeptiForum Collaboration Forum

Melbourne Skeptics, it became clear that doing so via email would lead to stress and confusion as discussions spawned infinite threads, becoming disjointed and counter-productive.

I decided to create a discussion forum site to facilitate ordered, topic-based discussion, whilst maintaining collaboration, task assignment, decisions and so-forth in one place.

Since I’d gone to the effort, it seemed logical to make the site available to other grass-roots skeptical groups and individuals to utilise for garnering interest in skeptical events or projects, and for collaborating on said events or projects once a team has been identified.

I have therefore made the site, called the ‘SkeptiForum Collaboration Project‘, available to all, with certain sections visible to guests, and collaboration areas available only to members. Membership is free, and I have no intention of changing this to a commercial concern.

If you have any need or desire to organise skeptical events, or you wish to launch a skeptical project and want a place to organise it, post your plans on the site and request a sub-board under which you can collaborate with your team.

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