I believe everyone has the right to love and marry who they want. I believe the very point of living in a society is to look out for our old, our sick, our poor and our vulnerable. I believe we owe it to our children to radically overhaul our environmental impact. I believe borders are imaginary, and the world’s populace are my tribe. I believe worship or lack of it is a personal choice, and nobody has a right to demand their belief of others. I believe government has a duty to protect its citizens, and unfettered faith in market forces is misguided. I believe children have the right to play, and in so doing they learn to become better people. I believe women deserve so much more recognition and celebration, and in their right to choose what’s best for their bodies. I believe boys should be encouraged to feel and to cry, and girls to build and get dirty. I believe we can be so much more than we are.


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