Print to Evernote from any application on Windows

A week ago the Work From Home Gods decided to hit me with a left-right-uppercut combination by taking out my 3 month-old Macbook Pro after a drink-spill incident, then my old five-year-old Macbook Pro which I was rebuilding for my daughter to school from home, and finally my wife's iPad Pro, all within the space … Continue reading Print to Evernote from any application on Windows

Working from home is so much easier with a Document Management System

Organisations across the globe are suddenly grappling with remote worker challenges as social distancing lockdown policies force those of us lucky enough to be ABLE to work remotely to find some semi-quiet space in our home, sharing our precious bandwidth with kids remotely schooling, as we tumble from one video conference call to the next, … Continue reading Working from home is so much easier with a Document Management System

Unlinking a Parallels Linked Clone

Parallels is a desktop virtualisation platform for macOS similar in function to VMWare Fusion or VMWare Workstation on Windows. It allows you to create 'virtual machines' on your computer which are fully self-contained installations of whatever operating system you choose, and I mainly run Windows virtual machines so I can run software used or sold … Continue reading Unlinking a Parallels Linked Clone

The real benefit of travelling

I travel quite a lot. I mainly travel for work, and over the years my travel has waxed and waned from primarily domestic, to primarily international, and back again several times over. Whilst travelling quickly loses its allure as the novelty wears off, and the reality of flight delays, security screenings, arsehole passengers, never being … Continue reading The real benefit of travelling

Taming the document management beast

Document and records management isn’t a dark art, yet many organisations aren’t sure where to start tackling this great, white whale. Overwhelmed by product information, many business managers struggle to overcome decision-paralysis and put off the adoption of formal strategies and solutions, sticking to ‘tried and true’ file server shares, or heaven-forbid, paper records. How … Continue reading Taming the document management beast

Marriage Equality Plebiscite Rage Vomit: Step right up

I’m reblogging this, because Kate has so perfectly summarised my exact thoughts on this. Sensational post Kate.

Nothing if not verbose

Alright, since we’re here, and since we’re apparently having this godawful debate over extending basic human rights and treating people with human decency and dignity I’m just going to say it. It’s not original. It’s a bit weird coming from mostly-straighty-McStraightPants-who-is-actually-fucking-married over here in the corner. It’s fuelled by horror and rage.

But I’m going to say it anyway.

This is about extending human rights to people. Your default setting should be yes unless there is a very good reason to vote no.

1. There is no logical, sensible, useful reason to say no to marriage equality. Follow these dots.

2. If your reasoning is religious, then you should say yes to marriage equality, because your religion should not get to decide who other people marry. I do not follow your religion. If I wanted to marry a lass, or a nonbinary individual, I should be allowed to (were I…

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Down, not beaten

For Loz. Her tarnished pride was fading But she couldn't let it go She holds herself together Not wanting pain to show A fall from grace so sudden The future seemed so bleak She'd thought her life secure At Centrelink no one speaks Noone blames the husband Of her he'd just outgrown His job was … Continue reading Down, not beaten