I believe everyone has the right to love and marry who they want. I believe the very point of living in a society is to look out for our old, our sick, our poor and our vulnerable. I believe we owe it to our children to radically overhaul our environmental impact. I believe borders are … Continue reading Rant


Touchy Professors and Institutional Disinterest

Whilst we'll never know the full story, the recent BuzzFeed article outlining complaints against well-known planet-hunting Astronomer Geoff Marcy by several former UC Berkeley students is representative of a much larger problem. Although I'm disappointed it's Marcy at the center of this, I'm saddened more by the knowledge this is the tip of the iceberg. … Continue reading Touchy Professors and Institutional Disinterest

Switch (back) to JIRA Mobile view bookmarklet

JIRA from Atlassin has a mobile view (in recent versions), which is optimised for use on a mobile device, supporting various actions such as setting comment security and so-forth.Although it's easy to switch from Desktop view to Mobile view (using the link at the bottom of the issue), going back to Mobile view isn't so easy.The … Continue reading Switch (back) to JIRA Mobile view bookmarklet

See Dr Pamela Gay in Melbourne on September 12 and 13

Much to my delight, Dr Pamela Gay of AstronomyCast / CosmoQuest is coming to Melbourne, and thanks to some wonderful crowd-fundees, Swinburne University, Science on Top and Embiggen Books, you can come along to hear her speak. There are two public events scheduled for Melbourne. The first is at Embiggen Books on Thursday 12th September … Continue reading See Dr Pamela Gay in Melbourne on September 12 and 13

Dr Pamela Gay Melbourne trip kickstarter

We have some great news - Dr Pamela Gay, co-host of the hugely popular AstronomyCast podcast, head of CosmoQuest, AstroSphere and too many other awesome things to list here, is coming to Australia en-route back to the US after presenting at the NZ Skeptics Convention in September. Planning is underway for one or two events … Continue reading Dr Pamela Gay Melbourne trip kickstarter

Special Event April 19 in Melbourne: ‘Are we alone? The hunt for E.T’

On Friday 19th April I shall be attending a special event with Ed Brown in Melbourne. Tickets are $30 per person. Why not come along? ARE WE ALONE? THE HUNT FOR E.T. Are we alone in this vast universe, or are there planets outside our solar system teeming with life? That’s the question a panel … Continue reading Special Event April 19 in Melbourne: ‘Are we alone? The hunt for E.T’

Australian Skeptics’ National Convention 2012

My good friends from the Australian Skeptics (Vic branch), aka. 'Vic Skeptics' are putting on a rational show this year, showcasing skeptical activism. Guests include the famed 'Amazing' Randi, founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation, SkepChick Rebecca Watson of the SGU, evidence-based medicine campaigner Dr. Ken Harvey, JREF President DJ Grothe, Australian Skeptics President … Continue reading Australian Skeptics’ National Convention 2012