SkeptiCamp Melbourne wants you!

Over the past few months, MEHSitP / Melbourne Skeptics have been working behind the scenes to put together SkeptiCamp Melbourne, a grass-roots skeptical event based on the successful BarCamp conference model in which attendees are the presenters. The first Australian SkeptiCamp was held in Sydney earlier this year, drawing roughly one hundred attendees who participated in concurrent talks held in two rooms for several … Continue reading SkeptiCamp Melbourne wants you!


SkeptiForum Collaboration Project

Whilst organising an up-coming event for Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics in the Pub, in collaboration with Melbourne Skeptics, it became clear that doing so via email would lead to stress and confusion as discussions spawned infinite threads, becoming disjointed and counter-productive. I decided to create a discussion forum site to facilitate ordered, topic-based discussion, whilst … Continue reading SkeptiForum Collaboration Project

Launching Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics in the Pub

Well, it's happening folks. After scouring my designated search area, I have found a location for the Melbourne Eastern Hills SitP to meet, which is the 'Knox Club' on the corner of Stud and Boronia Roads, Wantirna South Vic. The group currently comprises 19 interested parties, 11 of whom have indicated their intention to come … Continue reading Launching Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics in the Pub