Touchy Professors and Institutional Disinterest

Whilst we'll never know the full story, the recent BuzzFeed article outlining complaints against well-known planet-hunting Astronomer Geoff Marcy by several former UC Berkeley students is representative of a much larger problem. Although I'm disappointed it's Marcy at the center of this, I'm saddened more by the knowledge this is the tip of the iceberg. … Continue reading Touchy Professors and Institutional Disinterest


See Dr Pamela Gay in Melbourne on September 12 and 13

Much to my delight, Dr Pamela Gay of AstronomyCast / CosmoQuest is coming to Melbourne, and thanks to some wonderful crowd-fundees, Swinburne University, Science on Top and Embiggen Books, you can come along to hear her speak. There are two public events scheduled for Melbourne. The first is at Embiggen Books on Thursday 12th September … Continue reading See Dr Pamela Gay in Melbourne on September 12 and 13

Dr Pamela Gay Melbourne trip kickstarter

We have some great news - Dr Pamela Gay, co-host of the hugely popular AstronomyCast podcast, head of CosmoQuest, AstroSphere and too many other awesome things to list here, is coming to Australia en-route back to the US after presenting at the NZ Skeptics Convention in September. Planning is underway for one or two events … Continue reading Dr Pamela Gay Melbourne trip kickstarter