See Dr Pamela Gay in Melbourne on September 12 and 13

Much to my delight, Dr Pamela Gay of AstronomyCast / CosmoQuest is coming to Melbourne, and thanks to some wonderful crowd-fundees, Swinburne University, Science on Top and Embiggen Books, you can come along to hear her speak.

There are two public events scheduled for Melbourne. The first is at Embiggen Books on Thursday 12th September at 7pm, and the second is at Swinburne University in Hawthorn on Friday 13th September at 6:30pm.

Bookings are essential for both events.

Tickets for the Embiggen presentation, a panel featuring Dr Gay, Dr Alan Duffy and science writer Sean Elliot, are available here for $20, although at the moment I’m writing this there are only 4 tickets left. Takings from this event will be donated to CosmoQuest.

Bookings for the Swinburne event, a public lecture by Dr Gay entitled “CosmoQuest: Science inside (powered by you!)” are free and can be made here.

After Melbourne, Dr Gay will head up to Sydney to participate in some events with the Australian Skeptics. Keep an eye on their website for information.

Special thanks also to New Zealand Skeptics for loaning Dr Gay to us following your national convention.


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