Dr Pamela Gay Melbourne trip kickstarter

We have some great news – Dr Pamela Gay, co-host of the hugely popular AstronomyCast podcast, head of CosmoQuest, AstroSphere and too many other awesome things to list here, is coming to Australia en-route back to the US after presenting at the NZ Skeptics Convention in September.

Planning is underway for one or two events in Melbourne (at least one will be free), which will feature Dr Gay and some other wonderful local Science educators, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

To cover flights, accommodation and so-forth, we need to raise some funds, so I’m going to pass around the proverbial (virtual), hat. We need to raise $2,000 – $3,000 as quickly as possible – so please share this far and wide!

$670 pledged so far.

If you would like a chance to see Pamela live between September 12-13th, please pledge via this form. I’ll keep a tally of pledges, and once we reach a critical threshold, I’ll provide payment details so we can get the ball rolling. Any excess funds will be donated to AstroSphere.

Note: it has been pointed out that use of the term “kickstarter” may imply the involvement of the website of the same name. I have used the term generically, and that site is not involved.