SkeptiCamp Melbourne wants you!

Over the past few months, MEHSitP / Melbourne Skeptics have been working behind the scenes to put together SkeptiCamp Melbourne, a grass-roots skeptical event based on the successful BarCamp conference model in which attendees are the presenters.

The first Australian SkeptiCamp was held in Sydney earlier this year, drawing roughly one hundred attendees who participated in concurrent talks held in two rooms for several hours. This event was hugely successful, prompting several groups around Australia to announce their intention to organise SkeptiCamps in their home towns.

After initially struggling to find a venue (the Sydney organisers were lucky enough to secure theirs for free), we formed an alliance with the University of Melbourne Secular Society who were able to help us secure two lecture theatres at the University of Melbourne on Saturday 22nd October at a reduced rate. A call for donations was met by a few generous individuals, and some additional sponsorships enabled us to seal the deal.

We have now opened the ticket booth, and you can book for free.

Now it’s over to you! We need your help to spread the word far and wide, inviting anyone you know who likes science, respects rationalism, embraces critical thinking, or considers themselves a skeptic.

Since it’s an attendee-driven event, we also need speakers. If you have anything to say about skepticism, complementary and alternative medicines, the state of science journalism, strange beliefs – anything at all which might interest YOU as a topic, there’s a very good chance it will interest us too! So nominate yourself as a speaker, put something together which will fit within 25 minutes including questions or discussion, and be a part of Australian Skeptic History!