SkeptiCamp Melbourne needs your support!

Earlier this year I and several other Melbourne skeptics had the pleasure of attending the very first SkeptiCamp Australia in Sydney NSW. Whilst we were already toying with the idea of holding a similar event in Melbourne, the success of this event organised by Jason Brown, Dave the Happy Singer and others, convinced us that the ‘Camp’ format was a winner for a low-cost event.

Throughout the intervening months we have spoken with a number of representatives from various organisations and clubs in the search for a venue suitable for our needs. I can now report that with the help of the University of Melbourne Secular Society, we have tentatively secured a venue on-campus in Carlton in October this year.

We’re keeping two dates open at this stage, as until we’ve paid the deposit we can’t be sure of the exact date. Mark your calendars – we should be seeing a SkeptiCamp Melbourne on either Saturday October 22nd or 29th.

In order to book the venue we need your help! Through the generous donations of a few key individuals we have already raised in excess of $500, but we need about $400 more to cover the venue caretaker fees (thankfully the UMSS involvement led to a waiver of the venue hire fees). For this purpose Chris Higgins of the Melbourne Skeptics has set up a PayPal donation account into which you may deposit an amount of your choosing.

Please note, we do NOT have charity status, so donations are NOT tax deductable.

If you wish to donate on behalf of an organisation, or wish to discuss sponsorship, please contact me at ‘’ or via my blog feedback form.

Now go, spread the word! If even only a few dozen people donate a small amount, we’ll easily raise what we need to run a cracking event!


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