SkeptiCamp Melbourne wants you!

Over the past few months, MEHSitP / Melbourne Skeptics have been working behind the scenes to put together SkeptiCamp Melbourne, a grass-roots skeptical event based on the successful BarCamp conference model in which attendees are the presenters. The first Australian SkeptiCamp was held in Sydney earlier this year, drawing roughly one hundred attendees who participated in concurrent talks held in two rooms for several … Continue reading SkeptiCamp Melbourne wants you!


SkeptiCamp Melbourne needs your support!

Earlier this year I and several other Melbourne skeptics had the pleasure of attending the very first SkeptiCamp Australia in Sydney NSW. Whilst we were already toying with the idea of holding a similar event in Melbourne, the success of this event organised by Jason Brown, Dave the Happy Singer and others, convinced us that … Continue reading SkeptiCamp Melbourne needs your support!

Science on Top Podcast and SkeptiCamp Sydney

This is just a quick post about two items. Firstly, this week I shall be appearing as a guest on the 'Science on Top' podcast, hosted by my friend Ed Brown, whom I met at TAM Australia, Penny Dumsday, a Biology Teacher and enthusiastic science communicator, and Shayne Joseph, an Environmental Microbiologist. This will be … Continue reading Science on Top Podcast and SkeptiCamp Sydney