Some pointers on critically assessing the validity of claims

Wide-scale access to the Internet has resulted in unprecedented access to information for the average citizen of any developed nation, and the more recent proliferation of mobile data devices and networks have exponentially increased our ability to reference the collective body of knowledge on a whim. This access comes at a price however, as tech-savvy … Continue reading Some pointers on critically assessing the validity of claims

The conservative right’s alliance with anti-science

I posted the original version of the following as a comment on my "A skeptic responds to a climate sceptic" post, but since most visitors don't read the comments, I've reposted it here with some minor embellishment. There is an interesting perspective of the Australian political climate-change denialism contrasted against various other western democracies in … Continue reading The conservative right’s alliance with anti-science

Monday Morning Hate-mail and the Brilliant Dr Pamela Gay

I recently blogged about Religious dogma and hate, where I threw a spotlight on the worst type of bigot - the religious "true believer", that type who believes it's their God-ordained mission to make war on all those who make known any opposing view. But I've realised I left out an equally unhelpful, bigoted, rabid … Continue reading Monday Morning Hate-mail and the Brilliant Dr Pamela Gay

Superheroes are amongst us!

I used to think superheroes were the domain of fiction, existing only in comic-books and on film, their powers limited to battling their super-villain foe, equally the domain of fiction. I didn't realise superheroes and super-villains are actually real, living amongst us and effecting our lives in very real ways. You see the problem was … Continue reading Superheroes are amongst us!

TAM Australia Ticket Price Controversy

If you've been following the Twitter hashtag #TAMOz, you've probably noticed the flurry of comment, criticism and feedback on the cost of tickets to the event, a first-timer for Australia. I must say, having heard so much about TAM for so many years from the likes of the Rogues from the Skeptics Guide to the … Continue reading TAM Australia Ticket Price Controversy

Pathways to Sketicism

A common story one tends to hear from Skeptics when asked "How did you 'get into' skepticism?" is that they probably always were skeptics, but didn't know it. Typically they had some interest which caused them to research, or reach-out for others of similar mind, or in many cases, they were introduced to the community … Continue reading Pathways to Sketicism

TAM Australia – Tickets on sale mid-June

Australian Skeptics (, are this year hosting an Australian version of ‘The Amazing Meeting’ (#tamoz), which has become the premier sceptical and critical thinking event in the world in both the US and more recently in the UK. The meeting will be held in Sydney on November 26-28 at the Sydney Masonic Center (which I … Continue reading TAM Australia – Tickets on sale mid-June