Podblack Eastern Tour Poster

This wonderful poster was created by the wonderful and talented Catherine Donaldson, from Faster Pussycat Productions, who was also responsible for the George Hrab Styrofoam Tour poster. Click to embiggen! There are two events remaining, the last of which is hosted by Melbourne and Eastern Hills Skeptics, in Richmond at the Mount View Hotel on … Continue reading Podblack Eastern Tour Poster


So much news!

Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics in the Pub - Events and Venue At Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics in the Pub, we've had some big wins regarding events, securing Kylie Sturgess from PodBlack.com and the Token Skeptic podcast, and Warren Bonett from EmiggenBooks for our first event, which we're running as a collaboration with Melbourne Skeptics in … Continue reading So much news!

George Hrab does Melbourne – Styrofoam Tour

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending George Hrab's single, free gig in Melbourne as part of his 'Styrofoam' tour of Australia and New Zealand, details about which you can read here. What a night! The gig itself was fantastic, with about 50 people packed into a small back-bar of the Clyde Hotel in Carlton, … Continue reading George Hrab does Melbourne – Styrofoam Tour