Podblack and Embiggen Books’ Recommended Reading

In association with Melbourne Skeptics, Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics recently presented 'Podblack's Booklist with Embiggen Books', a cosy presentation of Kylie Sturgess and Warren Bonett's recommended reading list for critical thinkers and popular science lovers. The event was also recorded and released as a special Science on Top episode. Here, for your future reading and … Continue reading Podblack and Embiggen Books’ Recommended Reading


Superheroes are amongst us!

I used to think superheroes were the domain of fiction, existing only in comic-books and on film, their powers limited to battling their super-villain foe, equally the domain of fiction. I didn't realise superheroes and super-villains are actually real, living amongst us and effecting our lives in very real ways. You see the problem was … Continue reading Superheroes are amongst us!