The SkepticZone podcast and the Canon HF R18 I donated

If you’ve heard the latest SkepticZone podcast (available via iTunes or from the SkepticZone website), you’ll have heard that I donated a high-definition video camera to the show after Richard reported his stolen, via Twitter recently.

The camera is the Legria HF R18, a beautiful piece of machinery which I’ve had the pleasure of using myself on occasion.

Before you ask, no I cannot donate a camera to your podcast, club or organisation. I am sorry, it was a one-time only series of events which allowed me to do this, in appreciation of the work Richard, Stefan, Dr Rachie, Kylie and the rest of the SkepticZone team do to promote science and critical thinking.

I hope Richard is able to use the camera to record more pseudo-science debunking videos, such as those he has made on Applied Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Power-Balance wrist-bands, and so forth. You can visit Richard’s YouTube channel to check out some of these videos.


4 thoughts on “The SkepticZone podcast and the Canon HF R18 I donated

  1. Great work Lucas, I love the Skeptic Zoners podcast as its very informative and good entertainment, well done.

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