TAM Australia – Impressions from Day 1

Okay, so this is a quick post on my impressions from day 1 of 'The Amazing Meeting' Australia. I had the absolute pleasure of having lunch with Pamela Gay (@Starstryder), co-host of the 'AstronomyCast' podcast, and general all-round awesome person today. Pamela is directly responsible for my introduction to the 'skeptical community', as through her … Continue reading TAM Australia – Impressions from Day 1


Superheroes are amongst us!

I used to think superheroes were the domain of fiction, existing only in comic-books and on film, their powers limited to battling their super-villain foe, equally the domain of fiction. I didn't realise superheroes and super-villains are actually real, living amongst us and effecting our lives in very real ways. You see the problem was … Continue reading Superheroes are amongst us!

TAM Australia Ticket Price Controversy

If you've been following the Twitter hashtag #TAMOz, you've probably noticed the flurry of comment, criticism and feedback on the cost of tickets to the event, a first-timer for Australia. I must say, having heard so much about TAM for so many years from the likes of the Rogues from the Skeptics Guide to the … Continue reading TAM Australia Ticket Price Controversy