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UFO Sighting over Australia confirmed! …Oh, hang on – maybe not…

June 6, 2010

This is another cross-post from Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy Blog – Oh, those Falcon UFOs! | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine.

Yesterday there was a frenzy of ‘UFO streams across Eastern Australia’ news stories, blog posts and Tweets, but thankfully common sense generally prevailed and links were quickly drawn to the launch of private space company Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket into orbit, although there were of course some UFO nuts who quickly attempted to debunk this explanation, one reported by The ABC.

Phil Plait responded fairly quickly, having tweeted several times throughout the day about Falcon 9 already, and you can read his response at the link above yourself.

I personally loved this statement from Phil;

I have to admit, it’s pretty rare to see somebody get so many things wrong in so few words!

LOL – Thanks Phil.

One Comment
  1. See the following post at Victorian Skeptics for a detailed commentary on the media coverage of this event.

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