TAM Australia website up – ticket prices and registration dates confirmed

Firstly, let me say “Yay!”

The TAM Australia Website is up, detailing registration dates and ticket prices.

There are benefits if you’re an Australian Skeptics Magazine subscriber or James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) member;

Registration will be open for members of Australian Skeptics (magazine subscribers) and JREF members on June 20 at 9:00AM Australian Eastern Standard Time. Members will be given a two week opportunity to register at a special early bird member’s rate, after which the registration rate will rise. Registration will be available for non-members starting on July 5th.

from http://www.tamaustralia.org/index.php/registration

Therefore to secure a ticket, it is well worth your while subscribing to the magazine to ensure your ticket, and take advantage of a slightly cheaper overall spend. Digital subscriptions are $22 p.a., and if you sign up you’ll save $50 on the full ticket price – a net saving of $28 which you can put towards the Optional Conference Harbour Cruise Dinner instead! Plus you’ll get a great magazine out of it.

Don’t delay – join up now to save some dollars, and then register on June 20th at 9AM AEST.



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