Planning your visit to Sydney for TAM Australia?

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This is a quick update re the TAMOz schedule.

I’m in the process of getting my leave, flights and accommodation organised for TAMOz and wasn’t sure when the program actually starts.

I asked Eran Segev, President of Australian Skeptics Inc. and he said the following via Twitter;

Nov 26. first day of TAMoZ starts at  lunch time. Lots of talks/panels and cocktails/mixing. Don’t be late!

Now tell me you’re not excited. Go on.

Does anyone know of a list of unofficial satellite events (pubs etc.), for after each days’ session?



3 thoughts on “Planning your visit to Sydney for TAM Australia?

  1. Well, the Crown Hotel is just a block away. This is the venue for all Sydney Skeptics in The Pubs. I can foresee this place getting high patronage.

    My favourite places are all more towards the harbour though.
    The Australian:
    Hart’s Pub:
    Lord Nelson’s:

  2. Bastard Sheep (I love that alias BTW), are you aware of any arranged informal events? I know @drunkenmadman and @happysinger were throwing around some options on Twitter.

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