Rebuttal of Meryl Dorey’s appearance on 6PR

Thinking is Real: Meryl Dorey: “I’m sorry if I’ve misinformed you”.

This cross-post from the ThinkingIsReal blog is a short rebuttal of some claims made by Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network, during her appearance Howard Sattler’s 6PR radio show in Perth.

There are many sites dedicated to dismantling Meryl’s fantasy world of pseudo-science, so I won’t try to cover the same ground here. If you’re not familiar with Meryl and the AVN, who claim to be ‘Pro Choice’, but are really an extension of the strong Anti-Vax movement in the US, read some of the blogs listed below so you’ll know when ‘concerned pro-choice parents’ are sprouting Anti-Vax dogma at you in defence of their choice to undermine over 150 years’ worth of successful vaccination programs.

Sites defending perhaps the most significant and successful science-based approach to saving lives in human-history – Vaccinations against disease:

Vaccination Facts

Science-based Medicine

The Sceptics’ book of Pooh-Pooh!

The Second Sight

Vaccination Awareness and Information Service

There are many more – just spend some quality time Googling. There’s so much information out there it boggles the mind that Anti-Vaxers haven’t hidden themselves away in embarrassment. You’ve really got to admire their tenacity in the face of such overwhelming evidence, but then I suppose you could say the same about the climate-change deniers… more on that one later.



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