Science on Top Episode 6

Artist’s impression of how the surface of Plut...
Artist impression of Pluto's surface via Wikipedia

Amazingly, after my previous appearance, Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday and Shayne Joseph from the Science on Top podcast invited me back to further confuse myself and the listeners!

This time around we discussed language, specifically phoneme diversity modelling, providing support for the ‘Out of Africa’ theory of human origin; Pluto‘s changing atmosphere and why learning about it is important; Black plants on planets orbiting Red Dwarf binary pairs; Three dominant bacterial families living in the human gut; Whales swimming in freakishly straight lines; and four unlucky Australopithecus sediba hominids who once fell into a cave and thus became awesome!

If you haven’t checked out the Science on Top podcast yet, you can get it from iTunes or from the Science on Top website. Episode 6 is available now.