The Great Burzynski Caper

Stanislaw Burzynski has risen to fame
‘cross the Net, no less, due to making some claims
He can cure Cancer, in its many known guises
With a treatment derived from a source that surprises.

Anti-neo-plaston Therapy it’s called
And many a good scientist will call it a fraud.
A treatment derived from the patient’s own wee
Backed by mountains of evidence that no one can see.

He charges a fortune to bestow upon you
This treatment regardless of whether it’s true.
Foundations have risen, to help out the brave
Who seek out his magic to keep from the grave.

But many who call into question his method
Asking for proof of his claims that he’s gifted
Have been browbeaten, bullied and threatened
By a man named Marc Stephens, who seems like a cretin.

This clown he has written to many a blogger
Demanding retraction, or shortly he’ll clobber
Them with a writ, or a suit, or subpoena
Or something-or-other, it could be made clearer.

Although he suggests he’s an attorney-at-law
His letters suggest he’s just a big bore.
And now he’s unleashed the Internet’s pet
A phenomenon we know as the ‘Streisand Effect’.

Now bloggers and journos the world over unite
A spotlight made up of just pin-points of light
Will shine upon quackery’s bullying ways
To undo the damage of this silly woo craze.

Let’s band together again to defend
The brave, conscientious Rhys Morgan and then
Our Ratbags, and Orac, Andy Lewis and others.
Let’s teach these quack-docs not to mess with our brothers.

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