TAM Australia – Tickets on sale mid-June

Australian Skeptics (http://www.skeptics.com.au), are this year hosting an Australian version of ‘The Amazing Meeting’ (#tamoz), which has become the premier sceptical and critical thinking event in the world in both the US and more recently in the UK. The meeting will be held in Sydney on November 26-28 at the Sydney Masonic Center (which I personally find a little ironic).

Guests this year, according the Australian Skeptics website, include James Randi himself, the entire Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast team (Dr Novella and all the rogues), Brian Dunning from Skeptoid, D.J. Grothe, president of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), Dr Simon Singh, fresh from his recent victory against the BCA, George Hrab of the Geologic podcast, Dr Eugenie C. Scott, long-time educator and campaigner against creationism, and some of our own well-known skeptics including Dr Karl, Dr Rachel Dunlop of ‘The Skeptic Zone’ podcast, Psychologist Dr Krissy Wilson from UTAS, and me, sitting in the audience loving every minute of it!

Tickets are due to go on sale mid-June, so keep an eye out for updates from http://www.skeptics.com.au if you’re keen to go – TAM8 tickets for Vegas apparently sold out in under an hour, because in Phil Plait’s words “it was awesome”!


image credit: www.skeptics.com.au


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