Skepticism – it saves lives!

This is just a short post commending and recommending a story by Amy on the Skepchicks website, in which the importance of skepticism, science and critical thinking are underlined in no uncertain terms.

I share Amy’s views on how difficult it can be as the only skeptic in the room, where you run risk of being considered a kill-joy, a nay-sayer, for pointing out the flawed logic or baseless foundations underpinning various forms of woo, but the letter re-published tells of how important it is to continue to educate the fence-sitters (as those peddling the woo are seldom convinced by pesky reality), who CAN have their eyes opened with reasoned questioning and discussion.

We all became skeptics at some point, and for many that began with being challenged about some sacred-cow belief we held, by a skeptic who took the time to open our eyes.

Read the story, and keep practicing your skepticism even if it occasionally makes a social pariah of you!



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